Primadons are a highly intelligent species of anthropomorphic gorilla-like aliens well trained in mechanical science. Their race originates from the planet Marr where they live in recluse, advanced, peaceful socities in the dense jungles and swamps, using their knowlegde of advanced technology to preserve their peaceful way of life within the planet.

The Primadons claim that the Marro are not native to the their world (although why the planet is named after them is a mystery). After the Marro arrived, the Primadons used their technology to keep the Marro unaware of their presence. Soon after the Marro arrived, the Viper race rose against the Marro in open war. In the midst of the Marro/Viper warfare, the Primadons were content to keep their cities hidden at first, destroying any Marro scouting parties that advanced too near. But they seem to have realized that the Marro would not just go away, nor could the Vipers defeat them alone, and they realized as well that the Marro were rapidly increasing in numbers and new genetically engineered warriors and technology, and would not rest until they controlled every square inch of the planet.

Thus, they turned their formidable technology to war, joining the fight against the Marro, determined to defeat them no matter how long it took, patiently awaiting the period of the end of the war on Marr. When the Rise of the Valkyrie was initiated on Valhalla, the Archkyrie of Anund, Vydar, had visions of the planet Marr and saw in the Primadon the for potential for powerful fighters. Although the Primadon had made an effort on hiding themselves within the environment of Marr, they had not considered how to hide from the powers of a Valkyrie.

Primadons on Valhalla

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