No biography has been officially released within the Heroscape continuity


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 4
  • Range: 5
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Points: 110
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Combined Arbalest:
    When attacking with a Protector of Ullar, roll 1 additional attack die for each wound that has been inflicted on the defending figure this turn by Protectors of Ullar you control.
  • Flying:
    When counting spaces for Protectors of Ullar's movement, ignore elevations. Protectors of Ullar may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Protectors of Ullar starts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any leaving engagement attacks.


  • Acolarh: Ullar’s Amulet:
    As a follower of Ullar, the Protectors of Ullar may benefit from Acolarh’s Ullar’s Amulet movement bonus.
  • Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior: Kyrie Leadership
    Belonging to the Kyrie race, the Protectors of Ullar may benefit from Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior's Kyrie Leadership movement bonus.

Behind the Game

  • Are the Protectors' wings Hitzones?
    The hitzones on The Protectors' card seems to say that their wings are part of their hitzones. Really?
    No, not really. (Hasbro FAQ)
  • Exactly how does Combined Arbalest work?
    Translation: If you inflict a wound on a figure with any one figure from this squad, for the rest of the turn (and that turn only) the other Protectors get an additional attack die if they attack the exact same figure.
    For example: Protector A attacks an enemy figure (let's use Krug as an example). Protector A inflicts a wound on Krug, now Protector B gets +1 attack if he attacks Krug also. If Protector B also wounds Krug, this time inflicting 2 wounds, then Protector C gets +3 attack (1 from A and 2 from B) if he also attacks Krug. This benefits using the Protectors on the same figure.
    Keep in mind that by necessity this only work on figures that can be wounded, i.e. Unique Heroes.

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