Pulverizers are a common class of Toril ogres. Many ogres fall into this category. Large, tough, strong, and not too intelligent, they live by the belief that might makes right, and anyone who gets in their way ought to be smashed. They are hard to bring down by the average fighter, as they can take multiple hits before showing any signs of weakening. In addition, they are brawlers and love to fight, at which they are undeniably effective, swinging relentlessly with club and fist, striking out in all directions, hitting remarkably quickly for creatures their size. However, they rely on brute force, and while nearly unstoppable, are not entirely so. They think they are unstoppable, and anything smaller than them is given no more consideration than a fly to be swatted. Warriors who are quick and clever can use this against them, fighting brawn with brains, using strategy and skill to defeat them. Pulverizers are bullies, throwing their weight around with little strategy, and when fighting against truly skilled and seasoned warriors, are easily outclassed.

Pulverizers Summoned to Valhalla

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