Then the prophet goes silent. Sheer terror contorts his face as he utters one last phrase, a phrase that makes little sense to the listener: " . . .Q. . .Nine."

Raknar is a named character in the Heroscape continuity. His name is used in the naming of the second Large Figure Expansion Set (wave 4.5), named Raknar's Vision. This name is given to the character that is featured in the biographies of the units in the booster pack of Raknar's Vision, Heroes of Lindesfarme.



Raknar isn't given any description aside the fact that he is a member of the Kyrie species and is elderly.


The visions he describes are given the modifier horrific, implying that as an individual his views of war are contrary to its waging and existence. He is well-versed and can effectively describe the visions he has to help the listener visualize the scenes that play within his mind.


Raknar is mentioned first as the moniker for the expansion set, following the nomenclature of introducing each wave under the name of prominent or unknown kyrie or by the Valkyrie themselves. However, Raknar differs from the other kyrie names as he is given a further mention in Major Q9's biography, introduced as the source of the vision that introduced Kyntela Gwyn and Theracus, either Nilfheim or Braxas, and Major Q9's existence. 


In the vision he has where he introduces the units released in Heroes of Lindesfarme, he is titled prophet. It is unknown if that title is in response to a religious faction or simply a designation that also ties in with the Valkyrie's power to have visions of other worlds, thus becoming a synonym to the Valkyrie title. 


He has to lie prone to narrate the visions he has, and it causes a sort of trance as he is described with his eyes glazed white as if in a state of precognition. In the context of the narrative, it is implied he is seeing all the characters at the same time in one fight, as he describes a single battle and not multiple conflicts. This is also implied by him describing the use of sword and bow against Q9, instead of other Soulborg and their ranged armaments. The battle he is describing can be assumed to be one of a future time that was to take place in Valhalla that included the units from the set. Another clue that may lead to drawing the conclusion of Raknar having a vision of a future battle is the name of the booster pack "Heroes of Lindesfarme", the name of the region under Einar's jurisdiction, despite none of the units actually being summoned into Valhalla by Einar's suggestion.


Raknar is the Finnish form of the Old Swedish Ragnar, from Old Norse Ragnarr, combination of the two name elements Ragn, "advise", "decision", "might", "power" (of the gods), and Her, "army"

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