Raknar's Vision was the second Giant Wave, released 2006. It contained 5 figures which were larger than the average set figure. Jandar received 1 new hero; Ullar received 2 heroes; Vydar received 2 heroes; Einar recevied no new units; Utgar received no new units.


Heroes of Lindesfarme

Let these Heroes give your army the edge!
These big, bold and brutal warriors will make your enemies beg for mercy. Jotun, the wild sword swinging giant; Theracus the winged Gryphillin Scout; Major Q9, whose Queglix Gun can fire up to 9 times in a single attack. Braxas the dragon queen, with her poisonious acid breath; and Nilfheim the ice-breathing dragon, who freezes his foes in their very tracks. Unleash their pulverizing power on your enemy![1]


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