The Raptorians are a species briefly mentioned in Heroscape lore, as a race of anthropomorphic birds that made their living as slaveowners. They found the Viper species on a primitive planet and enslaved them. However, they were unaware of the tenacity and repulsion the Vipers had towards slavery. The Vipers revolted and caused numerous problems for the Raptorian race. The Raptorians were continously insulted by the Viper revolutionaries, who used the talons of slain Raptorians as weapons to continue their assault. Unwilling to bear the burden of the riots, the Raptorians struck a deal with the newly developed Marro species, that needed slaves until the development of their Hive and their genetic improvements. The Marro bought the Vipers, and brought them to Marr. In a short amount of time, the Vipers revolted against the Marro, but to no avail. The Raptorians have not been heard of since.

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