Young Red Dragons, especially wyrmlings, are easy prey for predators and hunters due to their bright, glossy scarlet scales so they tend to stay underground in the darkness until they feel that they can defend themselves properly.

Mating is initiated by the female every century or so when she feels the urge to have children. She looks for the nearest red dragon with the most wealth and power. So of course the males never deny their advances. It is a sign of prestige among other males to be requested to mate. The male then abandons her while she hatches her eggs. She jealously guards those eggs, occasionally with an infertile female but rarely lays down her own life for her hatchlings. Once her young reach the young adult stage of development (usually even earlier than this) the mother's natural instincts overrule her maternal ones and she forces all of her young from her territory.

Red Wyrmlings hate any authority other than their own. They never ask elders for advice, even if doing so would save their lives as to them, admitting they need something their elders have is the same as putting themselves under their authority.


  • Life - 1
  • Move - 5
  • Range - 1
  • Attack - 3
  • Defense - 3
  • Point Value - 30

Special Abilities

Fledgling Fires Special Attack: Range 5 Attack 3

Common Squad figures roll 2 fewer defense dice against Fledgling Fires Special Attack.

Wyrmling Bonding: After revealing an order marker on a Red Wyrmling Army Card, before taking that Red Wyrmling's turn, you may take a turn with one other Wyrmling you control.

Flying: When counting spaces for the Red Wyrmling's movement, ignore elevations. The Red Wyrmling may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When the Red Wyrmling starts to fly, if it is engaged it will take any leaving engagement attacks


Class Unit Statistics
Class Name Wyrmling
Point Range 30-35
# of Units Availiable 4
Personalities Availiable Disciplined, Ferocious,
Wild, Precise
Races Availiable Dragon
Homeworlds Available Eberron
Special Powers Various Ranged Special Attacks /
Ranged Special Abilities
  • Anticipation before rounds is required to effectively utilize this class.
  • This class unit is classically a Common Hero, so one of them must remain alive in order to use their class ability to bond with another color type of the same class.
  • Due to color distinctions, there may be times where Order Marker management will fall into the opponent's favor, if you chose a color that strategically becomes disadvantageous after an opponent's turn.

The Wyrmling class denotes a type of unit represented by the first stage of growth of dragons native to the world of Eberron. This class unit typically operates beyond Common Hero filler and acts as a psuedo-squad, allowing for the versatile choice of deployment for either a group of all one color wyrmlings, or a mix of different color wyrmlings.

Wyrmling class units require a strict control over Order Marker usage and deployment per round. Their special powers include giving a free turn to one sharing their class before they take their own turn, and a ranged special attack that operates as a weaker version of the availiable ranged special attacks of Dragons in Classic Heroscape.

The Wyrmling class is restricted to the Dragon race, as it is a stage of growth exclusive to Eberron Dragons.

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