Road to the Forgotten Forest was the first Terrain Set, released July 2005. It contained tiles, trees, and a common hero figure for Utgar.


Road to the Forgotten Forest

More obstacles, more tiles, more challenges!
These terrain pieces, along with your Master Set, provide you with additional flexibility to create even more challenging battle scenes. Create new paths with the road titles. Set up obstacles with the two stone walls and trees, or combine the stone walls with the 5-hex road tile to create a bridge. Then add the Dumutef Guard and the battle is ready to begin! [1]


  • 8 one-hex road tiles
  • 8 two-hex road tiles
  • 1 five-hex road tile
  • 2 stone walls
  • 5 trees
  • 1 Dumutef Guard


  1. GameBoardGeek: Road to the Forgotten Forest

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