The Second Battle of Stechavan was the dangerous firefight that ensued when Sgt. Drake Alexander (Swarm of the Marro) attempted to assassinate the enemy leader Utgar.


Shortly after the first fight in the mountain region was won by Jandar and Ullar's alliance, rumors came flooding in that Utgar himself had come with his troops to oversee the conquest of Nastralund. However, reports of the previous loss had not yet reached his ear, and Alexander was able to assemble a small strike force that would infiltrate Utgar's camp in an attempt to kill him and end the war.

The Battle

Alexander, who was closely accompanied by Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan and several Omnicron Snipers shot down a scout of enemy troops, but their cover is blown when one of the Anubian Wolves they shoot squeals and alerts the camp inhabitants. Sullivan and the Sergeant storm the camp with the MacDirk Warriors, the two heroes sweeping through tents for Utgar. The first wave of foes is quickly dealt with, but wicked screams soon erupt from the MacDirks, who Alexander finds twisted and dead, along with frozen, pale white skin. Alexander is soon separated from Sullivan and faces the terror that has been cutting down his troops- Lord Cyprien Esenwein, an opposing vampire warlord. Drake is immobilized after a short confrontation with the warlord, but Raelin saves him before the vampire can cause collateral damage, and the Soulborg Zetacron acts as a medic in healing him, along with laying down surpressive fire that pushes the enemy forces into a full-scale retreat. They are then re-assigned to fight in the south near Anund against the swampland-inhabiting Marro.


Drake and Raelin soon depart with a large force from Ullar and Jandar to do battle with the Marro army in Ekstrom.

Jandar's Army

Sgt. Drake Alexander (Rise of the Valkyrie)

Raelin the Kyrie Warrior

Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan


MacDirk Warriors

Omnicron Snipers

Utgar's Army

Cyprien Esenwein

Minions of Utgar

Anubian Wolves


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