Sir Denrick of Weston is Founder and Chapter Master of the honorable Knights of Weston. Knighted by his King he swore a righteous oath to protect the weak, to uphold honor of oneself and others, and to punish those who would seek to harm or destroy either. To help him in this just and noble pursuit he recruited among the most valiant and loyal men.

A warrior of great power of arms and mind, it was at the mouth of the River Lorie that he met defeat by the jealous lords of the land and a betrayer amongst his own ranks. Lost in his own petty desires of leading and angry jealousies of his chapter master, a once honorable knight named Sir Hawthorne opened the gates of their battle fortress and led a besieging host to lay slaughter to the noble knights. It was at this moment of utter betrayal and defeat that the Valkyrie General Jandar intervened, teleporting Sir Denrick and the remaining knights to the world of Valhalla.

In Valhalla, Sir Denrick vowed to selflessly regain the Knights of Weston honor that the traitorous Black Knight had dirtied. In battle, Sir Denrick will zealously seek out the largest and most fearsome opponents in the enemy force defeating them with the skills gained from countless victories against these behemoths of battle.


  • Life: 5
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 4
  • Points: 100


  • A Coward's Reward
    Sir Denrick rolls one additional die against each figure leaving an engagement with him.
  • Giant Killer
    When Sir Denrick attacks huge figures, add 2 attack dice.


  • Knights of Weston/MacDirk Warriors: Human Champion Bonding
    As a Human Champion, Sir Denrick may benefit from Knights of Weston and MacDirk Warriors Human Champion Bonding ability.
  • MacDirk Warriors: Highland Fury
    As a Human Champion, Sir Denrick may be chosen as the MacDirk Warriors' Chosen Human Champion.
  • 4th Massachusetts Line: Valiant Army Defense Bonus
    Having a "Valiant" personality, Sir Denrick is compatible the 4th Massachusetts Line's Valiant Army Defense Bonus.


Use Denrick to slay your opponent's huge figures. Beware, many players forget that Denrick's power will not work against large figures, only huge. This means that not all double space figures are vulnerable to his power.

The general strategy with this figure: if your opponent drafts a powerful huge figure with low defense, such as Krug or Nilfheim, draft him. He has decent stats, and his attack is something to be considered against huge figures. An attack of six makes him a force to be reckoned with. Sir Denrick is a useful figure, but beware of his low defense of four. It is generally his bane.