Stingers are a class of lesser Marro wielding heavy weaponry. They seem to be the highest ranking lesser Marro, or at least at the same level as Warriors. While the Marro Warriors possess cloning abilities, potentially indicating higher importance, they are rarer and are used as specialized guards, strike forces, etc. Their plasma weaponry is also less powerful than the Stingers, although with longer range. The Stingers, on the other hand, are very common, and produced in great numbers by the Hive. They, along with the Dividers, are the main Marro assault forces, the Stingers being ranged units while the Dividers are melee units. In battle the Stingers wield large, organic weapons, fused to their bodies and powered by the Stingers' life force. The weapons fire powerful bursts of electricity. The Stingers can give additional power to the weapons, at the risk of draining themselves entirely.

Stingers Summoned to Valhalla

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