Even though their reputations as formidable assassins preceded their arrival in Valhalla, the Tagawa Samurai have proven to be even faster, more ferocious and deadly than their adversaries expected. These disciplined warriors believe that their victims' spirits deserve the highest honor and are united with their own, adding to their collective strength. In addition to this honored code of offense, the Tagawa, much like their Izumi brothers, are artful masters of the riposte: the lightning-quick, deadly-accurate counterstrike. The Tagawa Samurai go into battle expecting death; ironically, it is this very mindset that has been the heart of the Samurai code for centuries and which has allowed them many victories.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 6
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 5
  • Point Value: 120
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Counter Strike:
    When rolling defense dice against a normal attack from an adjacent attacking figure, all excess shields count as unblockable hits on the attacking figure. This power does not work against other Samurai.
  • Bloodlust:
    For every opponent's figure a Tagawa Samurai destroys, place a purple Experience Marker on this card. When attacking with Tagawa Samurai, roll one additional attack die for each Experience Marker on this card. A maximum of 3 Experience Markers can be placed on this card.


  • Hatamoto Taro: Heroic Defense Aura
    As Samurai, Tagawa Samurai may benefit from Hatamoto Taro’s Heroic Defense Aura ability.
  • Kato Katsuro: Kato Katsuro's Command
    As a Samurai Squad, the Tagawa Samurai may benefit from Kato Katsuro's Kato Katsuro's Command ability.
  • Sacred Band: Disciplined Army Defense Bonus
    Having a Disciplined personality, Tagawa Samurai are compatible with the Sacred Band's Disciplined Army Defense Bonus.


The Tagawa Samurai are easily the best Samurai in the game. The key to their success is their high defense and bloodlust power. Try to boost their defense with auras and glyphs as much as possible. If you have the original Raelin, their defense becomes 7; add height and it can become 8. Add a defense glyph and it can become 9 or 10. If you draft Hatamoto Taro, Einar's Standard Bearer, the chances of them rolling shields increases. This works wonders with Counter Strike and remember that killing a enemy unit with Counter Strike can still get your Samurai an Experience Marker.

With Bloodlust, you can get a maximum of 6 attack. Add glyphs and auras to this, and you can get an attack that is even higher. With careful managing, you will have Samurai that will make you feared across Valhalla.

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