"It is I, Tandros Kreel! I am here to help, guide, assist, uh, well at least let's not screw things up. . ." ~ Tandos Kreel

Tandros's skill with the greatsword is matched only by his bravery on the battlefield. He stands against the forces of evil with great confidence, allowing no enemy to slip past his guard.


  • Life: 7
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 5
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 120


  • +2 Broadsword
    If Tandros Kreel is attacking an adjacent figure, add 2 dice to Tandros Kreel's attack
  • Cleave
    When Tandros Kreel attacks an adjacent figure, you may choose one Squad figure that is also adjacent to Tandros Kreel. If the defending figure recieves any wounds from Tandros Kreel's attack, the chosen figure recieves one wound.
  • Combat Challenge
    If an opponent's figure that is adjacent to Tandros Kreel attacks with a normal or special attack, it must attack Tandros Kreel.

Behind the Game

Tandros Kreel is a repainted model of the Human Fighter from the Dungeons of Dread. [1]


Tandros works best with a healer like Ana Karithon or Rhogar Dragonspine next to him. He can use his Combat Challenge to protect the healer, and his powerful life of 7 gives the healer plenty of time to remove his wounds. If you can grab treasure glyphs of attack or defense, do it. You want Tandros to be as strong as possible for this strategy to work well.


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