Thaelenk is a continent in the northernmost regions of Valhalla, a waste of ice and snow and home to abandoned strongholds. Northern cold winds blow across this frozen tundra with the sounds of the lost souls who have been beaten down and become part of the land. Glaciers here are rumored to be frozen wellsprings, encouraging the foolhardy to brave the Storm of Frozen Shards, and the Dzu-Teh guardians to access their powers.Jandar has established a stronghold here, and it is secured by assistance of the Dzu-Teh who recognize Jandar's righteous cause.

The Valledonn Kingdom

The Great Valledonn Fortress, east of the Dragon Head's Sea and south of Thaelenk, was the ruling kingdom in Thaelenk, until Valledonn and his people were slain mercilessly at the hands of Utgar's otherworldly forces. Valledonn was a wizard and adept praticioner of Valhalla's magic, and his death left his spirit to continue guarding his realm, leaving the fortress cursed and forsaken. Anyone who enters into Valledonn's fortress unbidden begin to slowly die, effect of the curse that dwells in its walls.

The Battlefield of Frozen Souls

The Battlefield of Frozen Souls is a landmark in Thaelenk, a vast valley where entrance into the Thaelenk Tundra can be sought. Souls of adventurers who embarked to charter this wasteland are imprisoned in ice monoliths, and can be seen as others travel through this landmark.

The Bloodred River

The Bloodred River is another landmark in Thaelenk, a region of thin ice and temperate forests, an effect of unusually warm currents from Volcarren. Feuds have been erupting over this region for centuries between the warriors of either side. Sometimes the fights get so brutal that the river becomes a dark red channel that flows back into the sea, warning others to stay away.

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