The city is on the brink of a great battle. A band of Marvel Heroes have come together to face the ultimate challenge as they go head-to-head against the most notorious villains the world has ever seen. Which side are you on? On this customizable playing field, you carry fate in your hand. So, choose one of eight game scenarios – or design your own! Pick your sides and get ready to wage war against your enemy! Game set includes 10 painted Marvel heroes and villains, 40 terrain pieces, 2 glyphs, 13 dice, 16 order markers, 23 wound markers, round counter, game and scenario guide. Marvel Heroscape set is fully integratable with the full line of Heroscape products.

The greatest battle of all time just got even better. Now with all new Marvel characters, this amazing game can be used with the HeroScape Master and Expansion Sets, sold separately. Collect them all!

Marvel Heroscape is a branch released originally in 2007 with the Marvel Master Set: The Conflict Begins. This set contains five Super Heroes and five Super Villains.

An expansion wave was planned, but never released.

Super Heroes

Super Villains

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