Chapter 4: The Swarm of the Marro

Journal Entry #36

Inscribed by Thormun of Tealeron on this the 1st day of Endall:

After five long years, our world continues to crumble under the weight of unrelenting warfare. Utgar, the evil Valkyrie General, has summoned every sort of dark and vile creature to aid in his single-minded pursuit of power. Though we dare not speak it, few among us doubt it: Utgar is winning this war.

But a powerful alliance now gives us hope. The other four Valkyrie Generals – Jandar, Ullar, Vydar, and Einar – have united in the fight against Utgar. On the wings of this alliance fly the hopes and dreams of those who call Valhalla their home.

The allies now face their first challenge as a united force. Jandar has had a vision of 15 wellsprings, each containing a magical amulet. In Jandar’s vision, Utgar gains control of all 15 amulets, and the results are catastrophic. One such wellspring, with its amulet inside, was foreseen to lie deep within the uncharted swamplands of southern Valhalla. Our desperate hope is to find this precious wellspring before Utgar’s scouts are able to do so.

A lucky combination of fate and planning has banded five bold heroes together to undertake this vital journey: Raelin, the resolute kyrie warrior from Valhalla; Sgt. Drake Alexander, the valiant soldier from the planet Earth; Shiori, a free-spirited ninja also from Earth; Sonlen, the elven wizard from the world of Feylund; and Major Q10, a powerful robotic Soulborg from Alpha Prime. On the shoulders of these five heroes rests the task of unlocking the secrets of this untamed territory.

Good fortune, brave heroes! Our fate rests in your hands.

(This is the last journal entry by Thormun of Tealeron)

Journal Entry #37-45: From The Pen of Sgt. Drake Alexander

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