• So I logged on to and saw this on the front page:

    A highlight that Craig Van Ness, the lead designer of Heroscape, left Hasbro to make his own game company! 

    His YouTube channel is just barely made, the first video dated September 1st, so it's pretty new and there's no word on his plans.

    Link to Soaring Rhino, his new company:

    I for one am glad he left the corporate monster. It's not an easy thing to see your brainchild be shattered and left for dead by the business that helped give you a name.

    Will he get the IP to Heroscape? I don't want to have any false or unnecessary hopes. But he's easily in the very beginning is giving homage to his work with the game, so we might see a decent spiritual successor or various references to the brand. 

    What's everyone's thoughts about this? I'm pretty excited about it 

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    • Yeah, saw it on there too. As a fairly young player (I was like 7 when I got my first pack), I'm not too familiar with things like this, but I'm still stoked for this. It'd be pretty awesome if he got the IP to Heroscape, and I'd love to see it revived, but I can't see it happening too easily.

      Still, I'll probably get whatever he makes :P.

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    • Following the YouTube series is a treat, cause he's literally in the first stages of the company progression. Last episode he was choosing a logo for the brand, so it's really really new. 

      He's joined as a member of the community and is being hosted in a Q&A so if you're a forum member there you should drop by and say hi to him lol

      Lots of people have already asked about the Heroscape IP, and he's stated that any questions about that should be brought to Hasbro Inc, as the rights to the series is completely out of his hands now. XD 

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    • I should really got off my rear and watch that.

      I thought about saying something to him, but I don't really have anything to say <shrug>.


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    • I actually enjoy some of the semi-lore questions people ask. Like in the thread I've found out (had a clue before  but Craig writing it confirms it) Drake Alexander's name is from his and Rob's son,and Sonlen is named for one of the designers, Chris Nelson 

      (too bad there isn't naming conventions for Feylundian elves qq)

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    • YOOOOOOOOOOOOO Craig Van Ness has spoken about the Marvel set and its design

      "We always kept them separate when we would get together and play. While designing, we did playtest them against each other to make them balanced if players wanted to mix the worlds."

      Man, feels so good to know there's words to back the idea that Marvel was meant to be separate but can be played together 

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