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Ticalla Jungle was the fifth Terrain Wave, released June 2008. It contained trees, bushes, and a common squad. This was the last Special Terrain set ever released for Heroscape.


Ticalla Jungle

Fyorlag Spiders
Deep in the heart of the Ticalla Jungle, great threads of silk hang from the trees. The silk catches the falling rain, forming it into a thousand beads of crystal. When the rain clouds clear and light pours in through the jungle’s leafy canopy, the webs of the Fyorlag Spiders shine, revealing their intricately crafted beauty.

When the sun burns away the droplets of rain, the web nearly disappears from sight. The Kyrie of the Moon Tribe know how to look for the silver tendrils of a Fyorlag’s web, but those foreign to the jungle do not.

The web will latch onto a man and hold him tight. Struggling against the silken trap can win the man his freedom, but the Fyorlag Spiders won’t likely wait long enough for that to happen.

  • 3 Jungle Trees
  • 6 Jungle Bushes

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