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, occasionally known in the past as Abeir-Toril is the name of the planet on which the Forgotten Realms campaign setting is primarily set and from various characters are summoned into Valhalla. Due to the fact Wizards of the Coast made the decision to include characters from Toril during the transition phase from 4th edition to 5th edition, it is assumed that the in-game character lore is drawn from the 4th edition information.


The name is archaic, meaning either "cradle" or "life" in an extinct and forgotten language.


It consists of various continents and islands, including Faerûn, Kara-Tur and Zakhara in the central supercontinent and, throughout most of its history, Anchorome, Maztica and Katashaka in the western supercontinent. Following the Spellplague, however, at least, Maztica (and likely Anchorome as well) was replaced by the continent of Returned Abeir. There is also one large and very mysterious continent east of Kara-Tur called Osse whose nature and inhabitants are all but unknown.

Faerûn has trade links with Shou Lung in Kara-Tur, a sea route between some areas of the south and northern Zakhara, and a colony in Maztica where local resources were taken to be sent back to Amn and Waterdeep prior to the Spellplague.

Toril is orbited by one moon, and by a cluster of asteroids, known as the Tears of Selûne.


Throughout most of its history, Toril was known alternatively as Toril (more common) and Abeir-Toril (less so). Since the Spellplague and the revelation of the existence of a planetary sibling known as Abeir and the fact that both Abeir and Toril were once united the latter name has fallen out of disuse. Since the Spellplague, the name Abeir-Toril has hence come to mean specifically the formerly united worlds of Abeir and Toril.

Inclusion into the Heroscape continuity

The Valkyrie Utgar was the first of the Valkyrie to receive revelations about the inhabitants of the planet Toril, most of his visions being that of the Drow race in the Underdark. He summoned armies from this planet long before the other Valkyrie had received any visions of this world, and has secured the subterranean ruins of a lost Kyrie civilization, in attempts to find the source of the wellsprings, as well as a hoarding point for the wealth he acquires throughout his victorious campaigns across Valhalla

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