An Undead Soldier

Undead is the classification of the non-living.

Undead contains the following figures:

Undead from Feylund

On Feylund, they have an empire, where they are at war with the elves, wolves, and other races.




Gorgon Mummies:

Undead from Valhalla

On Valhalla, the cursed forest of Bleakewoode gives rise to foul shades.


Undead from Toril

There are also undead from Toril. These are usually reanimated in the service of some wizard or sorcerer and do not have their own kingdom.

Figures with Special Abilities Against Undead

  • Ana Karithon: Turn Undead Special Attack: Range 4, Attack 4. Turn Undead Special Attack can be used only to attack Undead figures.

Undead Immunnities

  • Zombies of Morindan: Zombies Rise Again: If a Zombie of Morindan that you control destroys an opponent's small or medium figure, replace that figure immediately, if possible, with one of your own previously destroyed Zombies of Morindan. Newly placed Zombies of Morindan cannot attack this turn. Undead are not affected by Zombies Rise Again.

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