Upper Bleakwoode is a provincial territory of Valhalla just above the provincial territory of Bleakwoode, held by the Archkyrie Utgar, thus making it a highly contested region of territory as it leads into Anund, presided over by Archkyrie Vydar, and territories leading into both Ullar and Jandar's territories of Ekstrom and Nastralund respectively.

Several major battles have taken place here in Upper Bleakwoode, and the territory is mentioned several times in the history of the war.


Upper Bleakwoode is considered central to all Valhallan provinces and territories, bordered on the west by Elswin, on the south by Bleakwoode, the east by both Anund and Ostriyick, and on the north by Laur. The region is further distinguished by separations from other territories by prominent bodies of water, connecting the region to Aunstrom and a lower part of Anund. The northeast portion of this region becomes a shoreline to the Sigling Sea.

The water that feeds the land of Anund runs out of this region.

The Table of the Giants

One of the most notable features of the land is a valley-like region titled the Table of the Giants

Trollsford Swamps

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