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    Hello readers and Fandom editors, I am back and before I get started to explain anything I wanted to issue a formal apology for my extended silence, as it may have seemed to a few that I had just vanished into space without a single reason why. 

    The device I used to make edits on, a netbook, began to act up sometime midsummer and for reasons I still do not know, I couldn't have more than one tab open at a time. Now, usually for me to do edits, I have to have a few tabs, for research and cross-checking and such. Without this ability, editing became difficult. The memory clutter that I couldn't solve then made it where I could only have one tab at a time. 

    It was during this long-winding descent that one day, I was going on my routine check of…

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  • Anselm Durante

    Quick 2017 Update

    January 6, 2017 by Anselm Durante

    Hello everyone!

    I hope the holidays was great for everyone on their side of the maps! After a new move and new settings I had the unfortunate circumstance of learning my laptop can't handle internet memory anymore so I have to write by mobile, Hopefully I can get it resolved soon and back to editing this wiki!

    Cheers! - Anselm Durante

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  • Anselm Durante

    Hello everyone, a belated Happy Thanksgiving!

    I've been thinking of ways to write out this thought since I've had it for some time but the most beautiful thing about approaching holidays (and an unrelated approaching FFXV release date) is the constant flow of tasks that make me busy but give me no time to write.

    The thought I had was about the character formula that defines the numbers of the characters released in the Heroscape franchise. This idea started upon consideration of character classes in Heroscape.

    First, to support that there is a character formula: 

    Originally Posted by Craig Van Ness: There were many details to stay on top of- managing future lines, paint applications, future sketches of sculpts, new terrain creation and develop…
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    Hello all, admin here,

    I wanted to wish everyone a belated National Heroscape Day! I couldn't take the time out to post something about it as I was in Las Vegas the previous week attending the 2016 Final Fantasy Festival at the Paris.

    Looking at the time and how it's passed in the span of Heroscape's introduction to the tabletop gaming markets, its discontinuation, and its maintained existence through its fans hitting up to 6 years now of a thriving fandom, it brings back memories of my first Heroscape purchase in 2004.

    I was very young, probably 10-11 or so when I first saw the game. It was the fantastic cover art that spoke to me first. Specifically, it was the stand-offish idea that it presented of a dinosaur, a dragon, WWII soldiers, and …

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    My first blog post, and a place to just ramble on about my thoughts regarding the nature of the Heroscape game. 

    Sadly, I have to dedicate it to the current storm in my head regarding the numerous edits in favor of segregating D&D units that were released as official Heroscape units in the game's world.

    First, my post on the news page on the main Heroscape page:

    "I don't feel that it's too much of a bother, or a problem, or a controversy, to publically state in the news section that there is no accurate basis to isolate the Heroscape that was released with D&D minis from the rest of the units introduced in the game. The D&D units were designed by members of a hard-working team that created the classic Heroscape for us, and did all they could …

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