• Dlark17

    Buy/Trade List

    February 5, 2013 by Dlark17

    Hey all! 

    If you've stumbled across this page, then you're probably wondering what pieces I'm still trying to get (or you just stumbled completely and have no idea where you are. I'm sorry. Here's a blanket and a cookie. Everything will be better now).  Recently, I've been blessed with a nice refund from school, a cut in my rent and a raise in my pay, so I've scrambled and spent hundreds filling in what I've missed over the years. Here's what I'm still willing to barter on!

    • Mohican River Tribe
    • Axegrinders of the Burning Forge
    • Acolarh (with dice)

    • Any and all of the Heroes of Faerun
    • Additional Elementals
    • Death Knights of Valkrill
    • Mezzodemon Warmongers

    I'm always looking for more terrain pieces at a decent price, as well. I have extra Rise of the Valk…

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  • Dlark17

    500 Point Brews

    February 1, 2013 by Dlark17

    One of my favorite facets of playing HeroScape, besides designing wild scenarios and battlefields, is coming up with new team strategies. In my free time, I like to come up with squads I'd like to try in my casual games or let friends run with. Since this is as good a place as any for that, here's some I've come up with.

    Oh, it should also be noted that these drafts are artifacts of the current state of my collection. As more of my eBay shipments come in, I get more units and can round out armies a little better. That's why you'll see weaker units, low numbers of common squad multi-drafts, and even cross-over with the D&D and Marvel sets (although I don't do Hulk armies. Sorry, but a 300+ point investment just really isn't my style for a si…

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