One of my favorite facets of playing HeroScape, besides designing wild scenarios and battlefields, is coming up with new team strategies. In my free time, I like to come up with squads I'd like to try in my casual games or let friends run with. Since this is as good a place as any for that, here's some I've come up with.

Oh, it should also be noted that these drafts are artifacts of the current state of my collection. As more of my eBay shipments come in, I get more units and can round out armies a little better. That's why you'll see weaker units, low numbers of common squad multi-drafts, and even cross-over with the D&D and Marvel sets (although I don't do Hulk armies. Sorry, but a 300+ point investment just really isn't my style for a single unit, however powerful he might occasionally be).

That being said, please leave comments below on your own opinions, places where I could try/buy different units, or even your own experience with these armies or variations on them (if you're so kind as to do some field work for me! I only get to play once or twice a month).


I REALLY like naming my groups, too, so be ready for puns, music and pop-culture references, and all sorts of madness. Some teams don't have gimicks to them, but if anyone has a good suggestion, I'll take them under consideration!

Army Drafts


Squad Name (Total point value)

Individual unit/squad [with links!] x(number of copies) - point value of combined unit

? = Filler unit/unit still under consideration until further testing

Guards & Soulborgs (495pt)

Blastatrons - 60pt

Gladiatrons - 80pt

Major X17 - 100pt

Deathwalker 9000 - 140pt

Warden 816 - 90pt

Drow Chainfighter - 25pt (?)

Marro (Varies) 

Marrden Hounds - 90pt

Marro Warriors - 50pt

Marro Drones - 50pt

Marro Stingers - 60pt

Marro Hive - 160pt

Ne-Gok-Sa - 90pt

Grok Riders - 130pt

(We want 3x Drones and 2x Stingers, if possible. [270 pts, alone] Add Warriors, Ne-Gok-Sa, and Hounds for 500 pt army. This lacks regeneration via Hive and bonding from Grok Riders.

Alternatively, take Ne-Gok-Sa, Grok Riders, Marro Hive, and 2x Stingers for more lasting, synergistic fights.

Conclusion: Draft hard Marro ONLY in team-up or with an expanded point cap.

OR Try Su-Bak-Na, Marro Hive, 3x Drones, and Marrden Nagrubs for a vicious replenishable melee force.)

Samurai Warfare (495pt)

Kaemon Awa - 120pt

Tagawa Samurai - 120pt

Tagawa Samurai Archers - 65pt

Kozuke Samurai - 100pt

Thorgrim the Viking Champion - 80pt

Otonashi /Isamu - 10pt

Knightly Warfare (500pt)

Concan the Kyrie Warrior - 80pt

Templar Cavalry - 120pt

Knights of Weston x2 - 140pt

Sir Denrick - 100pt

Eldgrim the Viking Champion - 30pt

Air Elemental - 30pt (?)

Guardian Force (500pt)

Warden 816 - 90pt

Granite Guardians - 100pt

Zettian Guards - 70pt

Gurei-Oni - 100pt

Deathwalker 9000 - 140pt

Tronslaught (500pt)

Gladiatrons x2 - 160pt

Blastatrons - 60pt

Major X17 - 100pt

Major Q9 - 180pt

Saylind Storm (500pt)

Saylind the Kyrie Warrior - 80pt

Granite Guardians - 100pt

Omnicron Snipers - 100pt

Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior - 90pt

Omnicron Repulsors - 40pt

(Zetacron - 60pt

Eldgrim the Viking Champion - 30pt)1/

(10th Regiment of Foot - 75pt

Otonashi/Isamu - 10pt)

1. When/if Zetacron is purchased

Ironwilled Combat (500pt)

Migol Ironwill - 110pt

Axegrinders of Burning Forge - 70pt

Finn the Viking Champion - 80pt

Knights of Weston - 70pt

Omnicron Snipers - 100pt

Aubrien Archers - 70pt

Ride of the Valkyries (500pt)

Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior - 90pt

Einar Imperium - 140pt

Protectors of Ullar - 110pt

Marcus Decimus Gallus - 100pt

Saylind the Kyrie Warrior - 60pt

Good Old Fashioned Military (500pt)

Warforged Soldiers x2 - 160pt

Marcus Decimus Gallus - 100pt

Roman Legionnaires x2 - 100pt

Einar Imperium - 140pt

Vydar's Enforcers (500pt)

Laglor - 120pt

Blastatrons - 60pt

Gladiatrons x2 - 160pt

Major Q10 - 150pt

Otonashi - 10pt

Einar's Shogunate (495pt)

Hatamoto Taro - 100pt

Raelin the Kyrie Warrior - 80pt

Kaemon Awa - 120pt

Tagawa Samurai - 120pt

Tagawa Samurai Archers - 65pt

Otonashi - 10pt

Vampire's Wrath (500pt)

Cyprien Esenwein - 150pt

Iskra Esenwein - 50pt

Rechets of Bogdan - 50pt

Marro Warriors - 50pt

Deathreavers x2 - 80pt

Sonya Esenwein - 45pt

James Murphy - 75pt

Soldiers of Fortune (500pt)

Marcus Decimus Gallus - 100pt

Einar Imperium - 140pt

Airborne Elite - 110pt

Roman Legionnaires x2 - 100pt

Sacred Band - 50pt

Omnicron Dream (500pt)

Omnicron Snipers x2 - 200pt

Omnicron Repulsors - 40pt

Zetacron - 60pt

Microcorp Agents - 100pt

Heirloom - 90pt

Otonashi - 10pt


Knightly Warfare (2/15/13)

Wow. For 500 points... Wow. Even in larger maps, this army seems to have real power. The squads are hearty and potent, each with a very strong set of abilities. Sir Denrick and the Knights of Weston's Coward's Reward is an amazingly powerful skill, and one that really can muck some players up. Add to that Denrick 's tendency to rush Dragons and other Huge enemies (especially when bonded with), and you have a really strong fighting force. The Templar Cavalry work equally well, although some rougher terrain will throw them off. They skewer small Utgar forces easily, and also work well at keeping opponents from attempting to flee. Isamu is still a little troublesome; his propensity to simply Vanish from a killing blow was quite annoying.

Concan does his job alright, although his need to be adjacent to the Knights is somewhat worrisome. I couldn't keep him in tow with the others, and rarely found myself wanting to put Order Markers on him. This is where Eldgrim really needs to come in play. He can bond from the Knights of Weston , put himself in harm's way, and really beat on opponents. I used him to finish off an oncoming Braxas (already engaged and severely wounded by the Knights and Sir Denrick ), but never found a way to kill himself. Overextended Attack is great (it's the only way I got him to one health), but I could never rationalize taking a turn with him JUST to kill him off and put him on Concan .

Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn't get to try out the Air Elemental during this game. I've used him before and liked him, but I haven't tried him in conjunction with the Knights (my friends and I play with house rules where teammates can share excess points at half-value. I had 30 left and my ally needed 10 extra for a figure, so I decided my final piece wasn't as crucial to my strategy).

In review: This is really a strong army. I'd avoid using them on massive maps with a lot of ground to cover between enemies, and definetly pass it up if my opponents played too many disengaging figures. Concan is perhaps the weakest unit, but still a very useful fighter in many situations. My biggest enemies during this fight were actually the glyphs (we had a turn one Massive Curse, to which I lost 1 Templar and 1 Knight of Weston ), and Braxas , although I beat her down with only three Knights lost to a large number of Acid Breath attempts. 

If you're okay with a slower army that plays for resillience and dragonslaying, I think this'll work just great for ya!

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