Hey all! 

If you've stumbled across this page, then you're probably wondering what pieces I'm still trying to get (or you just stumbled completely and have no idea where you are. I'm sorry. Here's a blanket and a cookie. Everything will be better now).  Recently, I've been blessed with a nice refund from school, a cut in my rent and a raise in my pay, so I've scrambled and spent hundreds filling in what I've missed over the years. Here's what I'm still willing to barter on!

Classic HeroScape


Final Notes

I'm always looking for more terrain pieces at a decent price, as well. I have extra Rise of the Valkyrie figures I can trade or sell, as well as at least doubles of each piece from Orm's Return and Raknar's Vision. Oh, and a second Empress Kiova and Sir Dupuis, either of which I doubt I'll really need. I also have a New In Box Heroes of the Moon Tribe and Heroes of the Molten Sea which I'd be more than happy to part with for the right price. Please see my thread over at Heroscapers for the most up-to-date listing of my NIB, loose figures and orphans up for sale!

Thanks for reading and any help towards finishing the collection for my friends and I!

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