• Dragonite1919

    Heroscape Battles

    June 16, 2010 by Dragonite1919

    Every Tuesday my local game store (Lost Legions of Comics) have a Heroscape Touranment. We do a new theme every Tuesday and we bring a map to go with our army. As many as 4-6 (I know not alot) show up. I will post my armies and the battles I had with them.

    The theme of this battle was your army had to have something in common with each other up to 600 points.

    Up to 4 people showed up including me.

    I was going with an all human army.

    Kato Katsuro

    Ashigaru Harquebus x2r

    Ashigaru Yari x2

    Kaemon Awa

    Izumi Samurai


    & Otonashi

    I will post them in order of battleing them. Names were taken away due to avoid embarresment & they never agreed to this.

    He went with an all Dragon/Same planet army.




    He went with people from Earth.

    Iron Man


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