Blogs. How do they work?

I've never done a blog before! This is a new experience. Unlike Youtube comment sections, it's more you. I will refrain from metioning: Religion, homosexuality, sex in general, the government, and anything that would insult anyone. But given everyone in the world, any given thing is going to insult someone, right? So to fix this, just not talk about said topic? If I went around saying speech insulted me, people would still talk. Or if I said blogging annoys me, would people still blog? Yes. If we were to say nothing that would insult anyone, we wouldn't say anything at all. And a lot of the topics that people get up in arms about should be welcome in discussion, if not practice, because you can learn from discussion with someone with another viewpoint, regardless of whether you believe what the other person says is true. Discuss opinions, get up in arms when it comes to implementing said opinions. Just my two bits. On a less seious note, who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or Deadpool?

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