Born in blood and raised on war, the vicious battle leader of the Dreadguls was recued and brought to Valhalla by Einar to serve in his quest for control of the wellsprings. On Earth, Valguard fought alongside his father Ulrick, raiding and pillaging with the terrifying Dreadguls. When Finn's castle was under seige, his brother Thorgrim challenged Valguard in single combat. Thorgrim found Valguard to be too fierce of an opponent, and it was only when a tumbling boulder pinned and crushed Valguard's shield arm that Thorgrim could escape. Einar transported the injured warlord to Valhalla, and Ulrick, thinking his son dead, began his campaign to eradicate the Tarn Vikings and their leaders, Thorgrim and Finn.

It was on Valhalla that Valguard had the alien lizard arm magically attached by Durnipia, to replace his lost arm. The arm gives Valguard superhuman stamina and a lust for blood in battle.


  • Life: 7
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 110


  • First Assault 3:
    When attacking with Valguard, if the defending figure was not adjacent to Valguard at the start of this turn, Valguard receives 3 additional attack dice.
  • Berserker Charge Enhancement:
    Add 1 to your die roll when you roll for the Berserker Charge power on any Army Card.


  • Roman Legionnaires: Warlord Bonding
    As a Warlord, Valguard may benefit from the Roman Legionnaires’ Warlord Bonding ability.
  • Sacred Band: Einar Warlord Bonding
    As a Warlord that follows Einar, Valguard may benefit from the Sacred Band’s Einar Warlord Bonding ability.


Clearly, you should team him up with the Tarn Viking Warriors  to enhance their Beserker Charge ability. He can also bond with the Romans and the Greeks , however both their own warlords make better choices than Valguard. After Marcus Decimus Gallus , Valguard makes a better second warlord (although more expensive) than Parmenio . However for the Greeks, Marcus remains a better back-up warlord than Valguard, although Parmenio can make Valguard's personality disciplined in order to help the Greeks' defense bonus. Other than that, take advantage of his First Assault ability and high life, and have him dash around the battlefield and crush enemy squad units.

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