Valkrill's Gambit (Wave 10) was released on November 17th, 2009. It is often considered a "half" wave as each pack contained no new figures, instead they including repaints, promotional repaints, and re-releases. The two re-release packs also contain two 2-hex tiles each. For the previously unsold repointed figures, Jandar received no new units, Ullar received one new squad, Vydar received no new units, Einar received no new units, Aquilla received two new squads and Utgar received two new heroes.


Champions of Renown:

Warriors of Legend!
Sir Hawthorne's blade cuts deep. But when the battle has ended, whose back will bear the wound? Nerak and his Glacial Swog stalk the frozen battlefields of the icy north. His presence is inspiring, and his guttural commands keep every grut sharp and focused. Their writhing forms seethe forward with inhuman speed. The arrows of their enemies sail by them, always missing. They are legend. They are the Elite Onyx Vipers. This pack includes five pre-painted figures and three cards. [1]

Note: Each of the figures in this pack were previously released as promotional exclusives (Walmart, Toys'R'Us, GenCon, etc.).

Warriors & Soulborgs:

Re-Releases, see Thora's Vengeance


Re-Releases, see Thora's Vengeance

Warriors of Feldspar:

Protectors of the Land!
The Granite Guardians emerge from the mountainsides of Feldspar to punish trespassers by hurling great rocks with crushing force. The Quasatch Hunters fight with a feral rage when their forest home is threatened by outsiders. Moving amongst the trees like a blur, they ambush their enemies and deliver a barrage of savage blows. [2]

Note: These figures were repaints of the Obsidian Guards and the Dzu-Teh respectively.


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  2. Warriors of Feldspar

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