The Vipers are a race of semi-anthropomorphic snakes in the Heroscape Universe. They are the lifelong enemies of the Marro, whom they fight dilligently in their world of Marr. They originate from this planet and were originaly enslaved by a race of anthropomorphic birds known as Raptorians. The Vipers rebelled against their oppressors and broke free. The talons the Venoc Vipers use as weapons are actually talons taken from Raptorians they killed in battle, in memory of their victory over their enslavers and as a reminder to never be enslaved again.

Ullar, Valkyrie of Ekstrom, saw the Vipers in his visions and admired their tenacity and fervent desire to achieve victory. The Vipers are part of the army that Saylind the Kyrie Warrior, one of Ullar's most trusted generals, brought to the aid of Jandar to eliminate the Marro threat, as described in the Battle of Stechavan.

There are currently three sets of Vipers, two common squads, one unique squad and one unique hero. The Viper army is a bit incomplete because of the lack of ranged units and any powerful units like a Viper Hydra. They are mainly used as low-defense shock units in other themed armies. Their ability to frenzy makes them more lethal, but risky army to play.

Viper Characters

Venoc Vipers
Lowest category of Viper, Venocs serve as scouts and frontline shock troops in the Viper army. They carry the talons of slain Raptorians as weapons, however they are easily killed, lacking defensive capabilities.

Armoc Vipers
More powerful then their Venoc cousins, Armocs are the guards of the Viper Army, protecting key important leaders with metallic harvesting-like blades. Ullar uses them to protect important Warlords in his armies.

Venoc Warlord
Venoc Warlords are super species of Viper, they carry out the battle tactics, can speak, and lead scouts effectively on the battlefield.

Elite Onyx Vipers
Elite Onyx Vipers are an elite team of the rare Onyx race of Vipers. Like their Venox cousins, they too carry the talons of slain Raptorians as weapons in battle, but unlike Venocs, Onyx have better defensive capabilities. Among the Onyx, the Elite are even harder to take down from range attacks.

General Strategy

Vipers are shock units to hold down glyphs and attack enemy low defense units. Mostly, they have low defense and a good attack. They are excellent at rushing enemy ranged squads and causing disarray in enemy forces. They are also cheap, and can be used as swarm units, but that isn't recommended with Venoc Vipers because of their low defense.

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