The region of Volcarren is the volcanic wasteland of the Heroscape world. Few people ever go there and even fewer return alive.


The landscape is mostly firepits and molten lava. Not many species can live in the wasteland, as it is sometimes called.One way to reach the Ticalla Jungle is to go through Volcarren.

Terrain Abilities

Molten Lava Damage: When a figure stops in a lava field space, that player must roll the twenty-sided die. If that player rolls a 1-19 the figure is destroyed. If the player rolls a 20, the figure somehow survived.

Lava Field Damage: Any figure remaining on a lava tile at the end of the round must roll one attack die. If you get a skull, then that figure receives a wound.

The Valley of Skulls

The Valley of Skulls is a desolate valley on the south-east border of Volcarren. Leads straight into The Narrows.

Special Figure Abilities

Lava Resistant: Figures do not have to roll for lava field or molten lava damage.


Moltarn Currently the only known species to live on the wastelands are the Moltarn. They have developed the ability to withstand lava damage.

Vollcaren Guards

The Obsidian Guards

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