Volcarren Wasteland was the second Terrain Set, released 2005. It contained tiles and a common squad for Utgar. This set was sold exclusively at Toys'R'Us.


Volcarren Wasteland

In the Volcarren Wasteland, the battle heats up.
Now you can create lava spaces that add strategy and excitement to your battle. Lave field tiles and molten lava tiles may be deadly for warriors who walk upon them; but your Obsidian Guards thrive on this scorching terrain. This special squad matches easily through lava, hurling fireballs at enemies within range. Includes a Volcarren Wasteland battlefield diagram and two unique game scenarios. [1]

  • 11 one-hex molten lava tiles
  • 5 one-hex lava field tiles
  • 5 two-hex lava field tiles
  • 4 seven-hex lava field tiles
  • 1 Squad of Obsidian Guards


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