The Zettians are a race of living machines programmed to conquer and take over territory. Fast becoming one of the deadliest killers in Utgar’s army, Warden 816 is unique in his skills and leadership ability. Without emotion, he directs troops into battle. Expecting those he commands to obey his every order, the Soulborg leader is infamous for driving his armies into combat with unusual speed. Their momentum comes more from fear of Warden 816 than from a desire to fight.

Armed with the massively powerful Evisceraxe, Warden 816 terrifies nearby enemies, annihilating them with the force of his weapon.


  • Life: 2
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 7
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 6
  • Point Value: 90


  • Evisceraxe Special Attack: Range 1. Attack 5.
    The Evisceraxe Special Attack cannot be used on small figures.
  • Guard Leadership:
    All Guards you control move one additional space.


  • Ornak: Red Flag of Fury
    As a Unique Hero that follows Utgar, Warden 816 may benefit from Ornak’s Red Flag of Fury ability.


Warden 816 works very well with any army that has lots of figures with the guards class in it. He works especially well with Obsidian Guards, Granite Guardians, and Zettian Guards, as they are very slow movers and his special powers allow him to enhance their movement. His range and his special attack ensure that he is a decent hero figure as well when you need a figure to troubleshoot a particularly difficult enemy unit. Warden 816 has one of the most powerful special attacks in the game, at a whopping 5 attack dice, however it is also something of an oddity as it cannot be used against small units, such as the Deathreavers, perhaps meant as a game balancing issue. Although Warden 816 works well with any guard based army, the Granite Guardians especially benefit from his movement boost as they are one of the slowest moving units in the game.