Witches can use magic to attain their goals. Typically, they are female, but there are male witches. Their control of magic usually stems from spells and natural components (usually parts of select animals and plants), and often some of their bodily fluids (typically blood). Witch magic is usually less powerful and more secretive than that wielded by wizards, limited mostly to altering a person's luck, laying curses, fortune telling, making of magical potions, and controling illnesses. In addition, it is often malevolent and vicious, although many witches will help others for a price. Due to their extensive use of plants in spells, witches are skilled herbalists, and can use herbs alone (without magic) to achieve many effects, again both for healing or harming (poisoning). They have a large knowledge of the natural world and domestic arts. More powerful witches can use enchanted broomsticks as a means of transport. Witches in general are usually reclusive and secretive, though some openly use their magic to entertain. Due to their secretive nature, they are often not trusted, but those who are willing to help and give advice at times are usually tolerated.

A number of witches give themselves entirely to the practice of Black Magic and consort with demons to achieve great levels of power. They are evil, but wield great control over dark magic, and are feared by all. These are usually found in the courts of evil rulers as powerful assistants and advisers, although some use their power instead to forge their own dark kingdoms.

Warwitches fall into this category of witches. They use their mighty powers in dark magic almost exclusively in offensive spells and magic useful on the battlefield. They can easily change the course of a battle, using their insidious powers to aid the armies of their evil rulers.

Warwitches in Valhalla

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