A howl echoes across the room. You look up, as a feral hunter races towards you, ready to devour your allies. As he lashes out and catches you with his teeth the wound immediately begins to burn. The taint travels through your bloodstream as you shiver with the awareness that something feels off, and the moon looks rather bright tonight . . .


  • Life - 6
  • Move - 6
  • Range - 1
  • Attack - 4
  • Defense - 4
  • Point Value - 140


  • Lycanthropy:
    This Werewolf Lord starts the game with 3 green Lycanthropy Markers on its Army Card. If an opponent's Unique Hero receives at least 1 wound from this Werewolf Lord, you may place a Lycanthropy Marker on that figure's Army Card. For the duration of the game, that figure loses its Species, Class, and Personality. Instead, it has the following characteristics:
    •Species: Hybrid
    •Class: Hunter
    •Personality: Tormented
    Lycanthropy never affects Constructs, Lycanthropes, Soulborgs, and Destructible Objects.
  • Moon Frenzy:
    After revealing an Order Marker on this Werewolf Lord, before taking this Werewolf Lord's turn, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll an 11 or higher, you may first take a turn with any Hybrid Hero in play. If you take a turn with an oppenent's Hybrid Hero, you control that Hero for the duration of its turn. At the end of its turn, control of the Hybrid Hero returns to its previous owner. All Order Markers that were on the figure's Army Card will stay on the Army Card.



As the Werewolf Lord is a Darklord, he is compatible with the "Darklord Bonding" ability, so use him with the Wolves of Badru. Use them to engage, and him to hit.

Lycanthropy is great against large figures and heroes. It can disrupt species or personality bonuses. An interesting use for this ability is to throw off the 4th Massachusetts Line or Sacred Band's Valiant/Disciplined Army bonuses; lowering their defense for the rest of the game. Moon Frenzy can allow you to control something large. Imagine using your opponent`s strongest unit: Tandros Kreel, the Krug, Tor-Kul-Na, or Shurrak. The possibilities are endless.

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