White Dragons (also known as Ice Dragons or Glacial Wyrms) are the weakest and the most feral of the classic chromatic dragons, but they are by no means stupid or harmless. In battle, they can expel a cone of cold. White Dragons are physically the smallest of chromatic dragons, even smaller than blacks. They appear in shades from white to grey and ice-blue, and in arctic environments, this appearance serves as good camouflage. White Dragons prefer glittery treasure such as diamonds or light gems, but platinum, silver, and anything reflective or polished works of art are also popular. They do not often contemplate what to eat, simply choosing the most convenient prey, and will often freeze it after the kill by burying it in snow or ice for days.

White Dragons usually lay about eight or ten eggs in a clutch. A White Dragon egg is incubated for fourteen months. The first three and a half months are within the mother's body. On average, between a quarter and a third survive to hatching. White Dragon eggs must be buried in snow or encased in ice while incubating. The parents do not bother to tend or protect the eggs in any way, although they will usually lay them near their lairs. A newhatched White Wyrmling has scales as clear as ice, which become white as the dragon matures. They are expected to survive on their own from the moment they hatch, although some White Dragon parents will permit their young to live in their lair until they reach adulthood.


  • Life - 1
  • Move - 6
  • Range - 1
  • Attack - 3
  • Defense - 4
  • Point Value - 30


Fledgling Ice Shards Special Attack: Range 5 Attack 2 When a White Wyrmling attacks with its Fledgling Ice Shards Special Attack, it may attack 1 additional time. It cannot attack the same figure more than once this turn.

Wyrmling Bonding: After revealing an order marker on a White Wyrmling Army Card, before taking that White Wyrmling's turn, you may take a turn with one other Wyrmling you control.

Flying: When counting spaces for the White Wyrmling's movement, ignore elevations. The White Wyrmling may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When the White Wyrmling starts to fly, if it is engaged it will take any leaving engagement attacks.

Behind the Game

The Wyrmling Bonding power is easy to confuse, leaving some players to think that it allows for Chain Bonding - that a player can take a turn with each and every Wyrmling they control. However this is not the case: The only Wyrmling that can Bond is the one on which the Order Marker has been revealed. This Wymling is the Bonder, the Wyrmling which the Bonder activates - the Bondee - has not had an Order Marker revealed, and therefore cannot use its Bonding power that turn.


Class Unit Statistics
Class Name Wyrmling
Point Range 30-35
# of Units Availiable 4
Personalities Availiable Disciplined, Ferocious,
Wild, Precise
Races Availiable Dragon
Homeworlds Available Eberron
Special Powers Various Ranged Special Attacks /
Ranged Special Abilities
  • Anticipation before rounds is required to effectively utilize this class.
  • This class unit is classically a Common Hero, so one of them must remain alive in order to use their class ability to bond with another color type of the same class.
  • Due to color distinctions, there may be times where Order Marker management will fall into the opponent's favor, if you chose a color that strategically becomes disadvantageous after an opponent's turn.

The Wyrmling class in what is commonly referred to as D&D Heroscape denotes a type of unit represented by the first stage of growth of dragons native to the world of |Eberron. This class unit typically operates beyond Common Hero filler and acts as a psuedo-squad, allowing for the versatile choice of deployment for either a group of all one color wyrmlings, or a mix of different color wyrmlings.

Wyrmling class units require a strict control over Order Marker usage and deployment per round. Their special powers include giving a free turn to one sharing their class before they take their own turn, and a ranged special attack that operates as a weaker version of the availiable ranged special attacks of Dragons in Classic Heroscape.

Questions to ask when fielding the Wyrmlings:

- Which Wyrmlings are the best to activate this round, based on what my opponent has?

- Are there enough, or will there be enough Wyrmlings of this color in position to make attacks when I reveal this Order Marker?

- Are there enough other Wyrmlings other than this one that will be in position to attack when I reveal this Order Marker?

- Am I sure at least one of these color Wyrmlings will be alive when I reveal this Order Marker?

- Are the color of Wyrmlings I need to use to beat my opponent protected?

A choice of all-White Wyrmling bonding can be drafted for squad-killing and map control.