"Eck tel le sendar, ret kal len condaaaaar!" An evil incantation resonates through the caverns of Morindan. The flickering flame of a hanging lantern throws eerie shadows that dance against the damp stone walls. A frail old shaman, bearing a cloak of dark and tattered feathers, chants in a wraithlike voice. His eyes flutter in the back of his head as he sprinkles the inanimate body laid at his feet with a crimson fluid.

Perched in a barren tree outside the cavern's entrance is an aged raven. He cocks his head inquisitively as the peculiar speech of the shaman echoes from the cave's opening. Then a new sound is heard: the raven releases a frightened croak as it leaps into the air. An empty moan rings out through the barren valley of Morindan, a foreboding sound, a black prophecy of impending doom. The dead live again!


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 4
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 3
  • Points: 60
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Horde Movement: You may move up to 6 Zombies of Morindan that you control each turn. However, you may attack with only 3 Zombies of Morindan. You may attack with any 3 Zombies of Morindan, even Zombies of Morindan that you did not move this turn.
  • Zombie Onslaught Special Attack: Range 1. Attack 6.
    Three Zombies of Morindan on the same level may combine their attacks and roll their attack dice as one attack. All Zombies of Morindan in the attack must be engaged to the targeted figure.
  • Zombies Rise Again:
    If a Zombie of Morindan that you control destroys an opponent's small or medium figure, replace that figure immediately, if possible, with one of your own previously destroyed Zombies of Morindan. Newly placed Zombies of Morindan cannot attack this turn. Undead are not affected by Zombies Rise Again.

The Book of Zombies of Morindan

Access to Heroscapers forum members insights and reports regarding this unit can be found here.


  • None


Zombies, when combined with Raelin, make an indomitable attack force. With barely any hit zone except the head, these guys are hard to kill. Individually not too damaging, in numbers they can swarm heroes, and fortunately they get to move in swarms. Their regenerative ability allows them to shrug off losses by having them rise from the dead. You can destroy opponents' figures, keep your force alive, and continue on your way. Braaaaains....

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